Khê Kinh Kha



If One Day


If one day you don't kiss me anymore,
All the leaves and flowers are arid and die,
And the ocean has no waves dancing to the shore
There’s no rolling cloud in the blue sky

If one day you don't hug me anymore
This world will be washed away in hopeless,
My happiness is frozen like Arctic ice floes,
Life is very ungainly and meaningless.

If one day you don't look at me lovingly,
And don’t say sweet words of love to me,
I know my life is full of darkness,
And my soul is like gravel under the sea.

If one day you don't love me anymore,
The sun will die and the moon commits suicide,
This earth broke into thousands of pieces,
Is there any pieces left to bury my shattered life?

If one day you abandon my loving,
I know my heart will stop beating.

Joe Hung Nguyen
(Khe Kinh Kha)