Như Nguyệt





*I don't care you're poor or rich
I don't care where do you live
I don't care which clothes you wear
I don't care sometimes you swear
But, darling, I really do care about you

*I don't care which car you drive
I don't care who you live with
I don't care when you're going to say it
(the three words I want to hear)
All I care, really care is you

*You don't have to make promise
You don't have to lie to me
Be who you are and just be free

*Just ask me and I'll tell you
I love you with all my heart
Just ask me, I let you know...

*I don't lie. I'm not ashamed
I love you, not for your fame
I love you, not for your look
Just love you, I just love you

*Really care for this moment
I don't care about the past
I don't care about tomorrow
All I care is “now”, with you
We hold hands, you touch my soul!

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