April 18, 2010

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35 YEARS IN EXILE. 1975-2010


Miami.- It began with the Fall of Saigon in April 1975, the image of U.S.Army helicopters fleeing a besieged AMERICAN embassy is a lasting one for us, it was also a catalyst for this small group of painters, who call their journey, harrowing as it is heart warming, and the refugee’s road. ART, WAR and EXILE is a representative exhibit of artists, who fled Vietnam and continue to have productive, creative careers in their adopted home, facing seemingly insurmountable personal adjustments as well as a language barrier, they chose a more internal, pictorial path toward self-expression to earned their recognition in the world of art , the gauntlet of pain and suffering have forged the tempered strength and the beauty of their work, all are proud to be part of 4000 years history of a people, who remain distinctive and unique among Asian artists and indeed unique among artists of the world. The  VIETNAMESE ARTISTS-35 YEARS IN EXILE exhibit is sponsored by The Peace Mural Foundation and presented by the Vietnamese community in USA and Canada, to commemorate 35th Anniversary of the End of the longest war in America history, the Vietnam war and dedicate to all of it's victims.


WHAT:   Press Media Preview

WHERE: Miami ART PALACE- 7900 SW 77th Ave., Miami, Florida 33143

WHEN:  Friday, April 30th, 2010. From 10 AM- 5 PM

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Directions from I-95 south become US-1, go south 5 miles, Right at 72nd street (Sunset). Go west 2 miles, underpass Hwy 826, left at 77th Ct, follow the road 1 mile to the white Dome Palace on your right. Parking along the road.



faces of war - huong


Hat seller - huong


let's think peace - huong


wofves of war - huong


mother and child - huong


resting - pham thong


farewell to war - Nguyen Di



Two brothers - Tu Huynh