The OceanUS Mural


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The OceanUS Mural

Miami, Beach

Pebeo Painting (work in progress)

OceanUS Mural


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The Peace Mural 



The Peace Mural Foundation’s interns and volunteers took a break from painting fish and coral to learn how to use a new medium, Pébéo solvent-based liquid paint. The techniques learned at the workshop will be implemented into their new mural on ocean preservation. The project, titled OceanUS, is set to be unveiled during Miami Art Basel in December.


Tristina Ditez-Elmes, a self-taught artist from Maryland, led the workshop on July 1. Part of her job working for Pébéo is to learn how to use their products herself and hold workshops to teach others. Huong, the Peace Mural Foundation’s founder and artist, met Ditez-Elmes at a workshop at Utrecht Art Supplies. She saw the coral-like effect these paints can create and invited Ditez-Elmes to the Peace Mural gallery to teach the art interns and learn about the Foundation’s current project.


“One of the things I like most is how dynamic Huong is. How she brings people together for common causes and teaches many people in the process,” said Ditez-Elmes.


The job of the OceanUS project is to raise awareness for current ocean issues through art and public education. The heart of the project, the mural, will be so large people will feel like they are in an aquarium (but without the guilt!).


“The purpose of this project is to shine light on facts that are disturbing about the ocean. We are more than happy to go on a cruise or a boat but don’t understand the consequences. Most people are not aware of how much waste dumping goes on. We cannot replace the ocean when its gone,” said Alan Muller, a Peace Mural art intern.


Huong and her mother, Măng, were first inspired to create a project on the ocean in 2010 when they heard about the BP oil spill. Set aside for a couple years, Huong decided to finish it after her mother passed away. Four years in the making, the mural will be completed this November.


“The first victims [of the oil spill] were fish, not people. Our job is to speak for the ocean. We are not the only ones creating awareness, but we are pushing it forward. It is up to the next generation to pick up where we leave off,” said Huong.


Based out of Miami Beach, the foundation is located in the perfect place for this type of awareness project. The Port of Miami is one of the world’s largest cruise ship ports. Educating the public on cruise ship pollution and dumping of raw sewage into the ocean will be one of OceanUS’ top priorities.


Promoting respect for the beaches is also on the top of the list. South Beach sees approximately 3.5 million tourists come and go each year, and let’s face it, all a person needs to do is walk onto the beach after sunset or before sunrise and you will see the blatant disrespect for the ocean.


“People don’t care about the beach, I’ve seen condoms, beer cans, all kinds of trash,” said Isa Martinez, a Peace Mural art intern.


Everyone at the Peace Mural Foundation is committed to using their talents for a good cause. “We are creating something for people so they can form their own opinions,” said Iris Arellano, a Peace Mural art intern.


It is a place where everyone learns from one another, pushes one another and respects one another. The foundation is not merely about art, it is first and foremost about peace.  


Peace Mural Foundation · 1606 Washington Ave · Miami Beach, FL 33139 · USA