The OceanUS Mural


Peace Mural Foundation presents


This Saturday, August 30th  we want to invite you to enjoy a day of art on the beach, where we will be teaching the first 100 people who arrive the essential tools for mix media (PEBO):
4020 Virginia Beach Drive, Miami, FL 33149 Historic Virginia Key Beach Park, 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Reinvent your Art! This is the mandate Pebeo is giving artists - beginners or experienced - with its NEW Mixed Media concept.
Artists constantly seeking new avenues to explore in order to better personalize their works and to express themselves will have their expectations met. Mixed Media is not a new concept in itself; the artist only needs to combine two or more mediums in a work of art. 
However, inspired by artists from around the world, PEBEO has decided to push the limits and explore the interactions between different mediums from its existing product ranges. 
This is how acrylic paints and mediums have come to be combined with paints traditionally used in leisure craft applications, and even resins that were initially developed and recommended for casting.
The effects are spectacular and the possibilities endless! PEBEO has always been innovative, daring, and striving to be a step ahead of the industry.
 The Mixed Media concept simply falls in step by answering the insatiable creativity needs of artists.The products offered are unique and original; the results obtained will be just the same.
come and learn how to use this products and be part of our OcenUS Mural. Enjoy the beach and the beauty of the ocean, and help us awake consciousness for our community and kipping our beaches clean.



Two ranges of opalescent, reactive paints that create an array of infinite effects, designs and textured appearances.






Opalescent and daring, the colours reveal stunning honeycomb and textured effects when applied generously on horizontal surfaces.


Pearly, opaque colours that immediately render a hammered or marbled effect when applied in thin or thick coats.


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Peace Mural Foundation 1606 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA